Grass Fell In Love With My Shoes

skirt h&m
tank american apparel
belt found it in the garage
shoes bershka





About Her Ring

got it at this little market
Everyone I know seems to hate it.
I like it.


Mr.Shoe don´t know what to do.
In his spare time he pinches his nipple.
He´s blind; how should he know that it´s not a chic thing to do?
He´s been left behind, all he has are his shoes.
Precious shoes..
He´s got a rosa rose attached to his cardigan-"it´s the smell of hope", so he says.
He needs a lot of it.
I asked him to come live with me- he did not approve of this,
 he says no one needs him, so why should he need someone ? 
He´s always been this way. But it´s true. No one needs him. 
No one wants another loner;too many out there already.
He´s a fighter; or so he says,
poor boy broke his leg.
Oh baby...