just a tad

    According to Dazed&Confused ,Vivienne wants you to get a life. 
   I feel smitten.
     She is obviously addressing me. 
    I like flowers, and dresses, and my old little black 4ever 21 jacket. 
       But now off to ze mall , to buy camp crap.Brilliant.


distressed guitar lovin'

So I got some neat pairs of leggings at h&m on saturday. Destroyed them, felt good :)
The shaver technique really does work, who knew?
Are you liking my mate Emile the Elch? I think he´s quite a pleasant camper.
I have him since I´m 5. My swedish uncle gave him to me :). Good times, ah good times.
I love ze guitar. I take lessons. I´m not very good yet, but I`m working on it!!
I write lots of poetry , and I´ve got lots of melodies in my little head.
I want to fucking start a band. Zut alors.
Ehm but I have no one to start it with... hahaha. how sad is that? Very.
But do excuse me now , I´ll be getting some cookies and I´ll be watching ´My Super Sweeeeet Sixteen´. so kitshy , I know, but it´s sort of addictive.


Fucking Legends

                                                                                                rolling stones
       the who                                                                                             

 Some of the most influential bands all time.
Gosh, they give me goosebumps. Legends.
Don´t they inspire us all?
They way they dressed ,their writing, music, everything. Their style.

I´m really into the 60s/70s rock/pop era right now, I´ve always loved the beatles , I´ve known them forever, but I just discovered the Kinks a couple of months ago. Sad. I wish I could´ve seen them in concert back then. Same goes for the Beatles. AH, it makes me so sad, but oh well...


Tutu! My dear lavish girl. Don´t get your lips dirty


Well hello. 
Someone suggested that I should write more. Well here you go.
Tomorrow is the last day of school !!!!!!! :) :) If I could somehow manage to do a wiggle
eyebrow smiley , I would, but I can´t. I don´t know how...
Anywho, so we´ll get our report cards tomorrow. 
I´m damnright scared, let me tell you. If I don´t post anything in the next couple of weeks you´ll know that I did very badly on my report card , or I´ll be on vacation.
I might go to Montreaux  next week. Yeshhhh!! I´m vair excited- either next week or the last week of August..
Mhm- I´ll be doing some other things as well, but who cares?
 well I hope you enjoy mon petit(e) blog (is it feminine or masculine? just a thought)
    here is a little , ergh what do you call it? I´ll just call it "image" pronounce it francais if you may.
  I´ll be going nowhere without these little gadgets.Si, you heard me. I´m very picky


Well Well Well

 <--- I love this guy!

Lennon, You broke My foolish heart

hello. dearly beloved
                                  my heads spinning,       
spinning ,
                             thinking of words to say

                                                                                                   but my love, my dear love,
           ohave you been listening?
      There´s that smile and it speaks for                                                                                                               itselfand boy have you seen it?

somewhere in the sea.

bu! I was inspired by the sky actually. And by the beauty that is music.
 if that makes sense?