Françoise, Your Laughter Is Still In My Ear

           shirt, H&M. skinnys ,?.bag, vintage. sunnies, Ray-Ban.

 Oh Oh Oh. I´m not feeling all giddy these days, or today.
 Boys confuse me , I failed my math exam (what a surrrprise), and I feel lonely.
     It couldn´t get any better.

  Listening to:
Genius Next Door- Regina Spektor
 poor little rich boy- Regina Spektor
 waiting for a war- Morning Benders
   damnit  Anna-   Morning Benders
 4th time around- Bob Dylan
 Ce Petit Couer- françoise hardy
These days- Niko.


L´enfant terrible

               jacket,thrifted-shorts, tally weil-tank, american apparel

 I got this jacket a while ago. I love love love love it. It´s perfect. It was only 10 francs!! :) 
And fall arrived. Damn shit. As much as I love it I want my beachy wavy hair back. Grrrr
  I´m hungry- I´ll get some garlic bread now. And watch weeds.
        Any suggestions for this blog? 

Ohhhh, I don´t smoke. Not yet anyway. I have a tiny feeling that tells me I´ll be into them one day. Even though I vowed to never smoke...
But cigarettes , they´re so photogenic, it makes pictures instant cool, even though it´s really not. Anyone agree?

 I´m like dying of hunger , toodles lovers 

Ah ya I painted my knees with some paint. Ha


Oh Valentine

I actually wanted to take different pictures but I forgot my camera at Veronicas yesterday
so I was stuck with photobooth. I like how they turned out though.
Lisa is sleeping over at my house today and we´ll go to this little festival and maybe to town laterrrrr on. (Although we´ll say that weé having a movieeee-night at Veros... naughty naughty ;) )
Let me meet a beautiful boy.



Ponchino.Wo bist du bloss?

Hello lovers,
I´ve been lacking some fashion geist lately.
There is so much inspiration but I can´t seem to keep it inside of my head, and it takes me ages to get ready in the morning. I neeed new clothes. Gosh. I have so much already but it´s sadly not enough. That sounds really spoiled , but I need some new excitement.

On Sunday we saw some GORGEOUS indie boys at parc de bastien. My , my heart almost stopped beating. I hope to see them again sometime. (I´m praying actually) You don´t see that many boys like that here. Most have that sad disgusting ´styler style´. bah . gross
Or they dress really chic, which is nice but indie iz more my zing , if you know what I mean.

Ben&Jerrys Strawberry Cheesecake tastes like utter crap.