My natural kinky afro hair

shorts,thrifted.body,american apparel.jacket&bag,moms.

And your body is right next to mine,
but I can´t be bothered to say hello,
you were on your telephone,
chatting away
like a distracted god.

Soon is Christmas!!!!! Hoho.
What´s on your guys wishlist??


J´ai mal aux cheveux

            body,moms.skirt,american apparel.shoes,vintage.

Remember us at CVS,
looking like a hot hot mess
on a cold cold day,
and I met you at the ice cream stand-
whatever happened to us then?

Let´s smile, flash our teeth at one,two,10.
Screw us over.
We´re sick of empty foyers,
untold love;
boy don´t take my knickers off.

It´s not really finished. I like it though.
It snowed


Parfois j'aimerais mourir pour ne plus rien savoir

I´m so happy there´s nobody in my place instead of me. 

         Je ne t´aime plus mon amour
         Je ne t´aime plus tous les jours
         Je ne t´aime plus mon amour
         Je ne t´aime plus tous les jours.
It´s supposed to snow tomorrow. I´m not sure I´m ready for snow.
I like my collage.


All the girls go úhúhúhú

     oxford, brooks brothers.skinnies,urban outfitters
Not zat much to say, except for me falling in love with some stranger I saw in Parc des Bastions. 
   I know.. I know...
I´ve been tagged by the lovely Anna Shapiro :)

    Alors 6 quirks

1. I´m half german, half morrocan, though NY is what I like to call home-
2. I´ve lived in way too many places. It´s not gut. I don´t really know where I´m from.
3. Logic is not my friend, nor is reality ; as a matter of fact ,
I don´t have any friends... Ok maybe 2/ish?! nahh
4. I hate science with all my foolish heart
( I suck. No suck is being nice, I´m HORRIBLE)
5. I spend all my money on fake moustaches, pastries,expensive foreign magazines, clothes I end up never wearing and red bull.
6. Words , boys and pictures make me cry.




          subway <3

                     my finds.
       dahling art gallery


                                       noir kennedy <3
I want to throw a tea/costume party here. Badly
Right  when I came out of Gare de Lyon, this song started playing.
I swear to my Christian Louboutins. I don´t own any Louboutions     but that´s  not ze  point.



You Don´t Have To Say ´I Love You Too´

It´s been a while my precious tea bags.
What I´ve been doing. Ahh yes a lot and nothing.
Pariiiiiiiis was lovely, I´ll post pictures another time.
Halloween was ehm let´s call it relaxing.
Non let us be brutal. It was a complete bore.
The only fun part was shopping for the party , that´s why I am trapped in a grocery chariot in case you were wondering.

Dear Veronica has not not sent me the Halloween pictures
so I´ve got none to spare. Brillianto Musso.
But here´s what I wore
  • craiiizy leopard leggings
  • my pointy sex shoes
  • a BIIGG BUSHY moustache
  • looong fake lashes
  • et my aa leotard&skirt
Voila. Nothing tooo fancy pants, but I like it.
Below you see them leggings and shoes.
I adore <3

I´ve got 2 new obsessions, non 3.
ahhh zut make it 4.
  • Leopard priiint

ahh ouiii  I received kreativ blogger award from the lovely
 thankk uuuu :)!!!