funny what you do when you're bored in july

the bathroom I loved so much. italy


riverside motherfucker

back from Nice. ohmeohmy.I miss it
found this cool thang from 10.17. Thought it'd be nicee

mood -sad.want to go back  best thing about this weekend -  jumping over the fence and staying out 'til 7 at the beach getting wasted what i’m reading - havnt had any time  what i’m watching - my fingers typing on the keyboard  make-up lust - nice mascara & lavender scented things. listening to -  riverside, mickey avalon  favourite recent purchase - tight tight black skinny legging jeans from h&m what i’m looking forward to this week- going back to school, so not much i want - a year like the past two weeks oh and a trip to London  aim for tomorrow - get my films developped + meet someone new