bang, black and white, with a lover who's with cigarettes, smoke my heart with tears, distance makes me cry. walk alone, walk home.

 some things clous got me. one of my favorites though was the books of albion. loverdover dooooo. You really gotta heart that boy.you really really do. my holga didn´t arrive yet. BADBADBAD SANTA.
sophies not happy. ohvell
Happppppyyy new year, eh?I´m not a big fan of it to be honest.I stay up late anyway, I don´t need new years for that;& there´s no party.
I´m depressed. I´ll just sip champagne with the old folks. Great       

"....Pour m´éviter quelques remords
Je t´aimerai plus fort
Oh ouiiii plus fort
Oh ouiii ouii ouii, plus fort
Oh la la ..." haha zis makes me so giddy




me likelikelikelike the catcher in the rye <3.
i love making lists.my notebooks r filled with them.
ze outfit is rather simple, but zats what I´m going for right nowww
OWWWZUUUTTTT 08 iz over soon :(. I´m not sure how I feel about it; I have problems letting things go sometimes.
ohvelll I´ll go watch will&grace now. Tutu dahlliings.
ahhh I´ll post santas schweet stuff nexxt time hoho


Merry Christmas
terrence: so are you in his sleigh on xmas night?
sharlo: of course. we always get it on there.
terrence: so that´s why he is always screaming HOHOHO at night-but we never see you; you must be hiding somewhere close to the floor.naughty girl
sharlo:putaiiin. you figured it all out
terrence: you shattered all my nice xmas images by something obscene
sharlo: you must be destroyed. promise to not tell ze kiddies
you´ll ruin christmas
terrence:now zat I think of it, santa must be a monster to go on for the whole night.jeez

well now we all know.keep it a secret.dont tell ur petit siblings eh? i lurbb terrence



It´s almost 4am. I´m sleepy.eating lindt chocolate.listening to regina spektor.my tummy is cold.santa is zere soon.I still don´t have all ze presents.typical.every year it´s the same.I´ll never change.got a lovely striped sweater at h&m.wuhuhu.im into mint right now. minty minty minty minty kinky kinky kinky kitty kitty kittie.
ok vraiment.time to sleep.my room iz a mess.i like.i wonder watz gona happen next year.oh mon dieu


And I was on a lot of shit too but what I saw, man, I tell you it was freaky, freaky

oslo in the summertime by Sharlo

I was tagged by the lurbbely Olivia.
I shall list 6 unimportant things zat I love.

1. Raspberries.Raspberry Cake.Raspberry Yogurt
2. Lame jokes (mine especially. haha& dinos)
3. Having late night talks about our future crap life 
4. Eating cantadou on baguette with orange juice avec Lisa at 4am in    the morning
5. Making up swearwords {Dummhirn(:}
6. Having conversations&constant debates with myself
7. Spacing out
zats 7.Im a troublemaker.ohwell


Wake me up

Jordan Graham
I think I just died.



Mais nononononononono. Ah oh. bien sur

Nonsense. Madness is pure passion of  the loons (aka me).
I fucking need vans and midnight park strolls.
Winter is pretty, but it ain´t for me I´m afraid.
I´m holding my annual winter sleep.
I want those acid cheap mondays.

I´ll catch on my tags next time. I get so bored of typing.Pardon

Berlin Baby.Hothothothot


Baby, Baby, Baby, come back

Dahling dears,


I just ordered some fancy shazz at american apparel.
I can not waiiit!!!!!Oh Santa. You´re ze best.
owze headband is h&m. lurbelyy




tea party by Sharlo

It´s cold. I´m annoyed. My nose is itchy.I want to sleep.I have to learn for chemistry.


starting on your story and go go

J´ai bientot 16 ans, alors c´est normal que je sois un peu bete.

"Are you my friend when I need one
I need  someone to be one
I take anybody I can get
And sometimes I call you
And I feel like a pet
And I´m lonely, but I ain´t that lonely yet"
oww how I love the white stripes.
I can not wait for santa. He´s always got my back.
I found a polaroid lying around in the living room.
in love.

yesyes.reeeel polaroids.hoho


I´m a sensitive bore

Lover by Sharlo

I'm in need of a fluffy skirt.I want to look like a Groupie.
Look messy. Be a teenager. Find a way to make it fucking work.

“...And I have read the right books
To interpret your looks
You were knocking me down
With the palm of your eye

This was unlike the story
It was written to be
I was riding its back
When it used to ride me...“

Lovely, is it not?