im on twitter now, well I've been for awhile, but I found my appreciation for it last night when I couldnt sleep, hahaha it's like talking to yourself...very useful I know, I know


Moonchild - E.C.H.O.E.S (FW 11-12) from moonchild on Vimeo.

godd...I love this...inspiration pure


Since I have not been posting ANY kind of outfit pictures/ or actually anything, I've decided to show you what I've been up to this past month. having an ipod touch with camera is very useful as you can see, always there to capture this&that..very handy dandy, indeed indeed. lots of exams behind me& many more to come after easter break.. ahhhhh love my life..I do,actually, because besides school, everything is chill...mayhaps I should study, instead of always chilling with my amigos..but you know, who gives, i'm doing ok, so all is swell.. I always want to take some outfit pictures, but I always forget to buy batteries for my cam... and as swell as the itouch is, the quality is pretty bizarre & unfortunately there is no self-timer... haha I'll try to post something soon, til then