Nelson. Do you fancy a dance.

It´s 4.50 AM.
I´m watching Factory Girl. I can´t really seem to move , it´s too bloody brilliant ; if I do fall asleep, it´ll be no problem whatsoever as I´m neatly tucked in my bed sheets.

shirt-AA,,shorts-Levis cutoffs-vintage,tights-h&m,flats-nine west
I liike ze moving/blurry effect
What does the tower of london have to do with this?
I honestly have no clue, but it looks niice.
I´m off to sleepland now. Toodles


The little cat is dead, it was so cute.

 I´m watching this crazy french movie right now. Fuck , it´s brilliant.
   ´Cést un petit chat domestique.´´
´ un road movie sur place´
catchy, catchy.
I´m going to PARIS next weeeeeeeeek.
 I can not waiiit!!!


Wastin´Our Youth On McDonalds Food

 last saturday.
lausanne. I got the most ahhhhh.mazing shoes. 60% off. Ha!
                       the window accident... haha. poor ferdinand

monday. parc de bastien

Past days have been crazy.
Especially Friday. Wow. Lisa and I skipped school. Haha. How rock´n´roll are we? Not one tiny bit I tell you. Anyhow , after hiding our schoolbags in my neighbours bush we were off to town.  We had breakfast at this chic little cafe. Uhhh pain au chocolat with hot chocolate. Mhmm ; Lunch at this cute little restaurant (pizza please) and due to our extreme sleepiness we had to take an early siesta in the h&m changing room.  Hahaha. So much fun!! We also saw so many gorgeous boys in town . Wowzie. This one indie boy at Zara waved at me. Erhm I almost fainted I can tell you that. Wow, I´m in awe. Uhhh stop thinking about him silly head.

I have vacation!! Uhuhuhuhu. Deux semaines. Wuw.
You can seeee my lovely John Varvatos shoesies in ze last picture, they look sort of crap there but they are utter perfection. I´ll post pics some other time. 

Owww. I have Uber now. My page looks like utter crap. I kind of dread working on it. Ahh, I want it to look niiice. Merde, is that too much to ask? It´s so button hard though. Zut Zut Zut.
I started skating again (skateboarding that izz). Ow I missed it. It´s so niice. I need a new board though, mine is a joke. Haha I was so embarrassed going  out with it. Naughty Skateboard.

Ahhh, wrote way too much. All this ramble. 
I´m officially broke. I only have some pennies and 5 euros. Wow. I´ve never been so poor, feels kind of cool. But it´s not. I want to buy so much crap. Ahhh. I NEED A JOB, and why isnt that damn babysitter woman in need of mee?? I feel unwanted.
Toodles lovers. 
( I wish I had one)