tshuu tshuu

hi.i´m sleepy.partyparty.ciao


wana go back
new favourite blog : Angelica
I've been wearing lots of flannels with headbands..summers almost here..almost..I was just thinking of warm nights on the beach.fuckkkkkkin hell. that thought iz killing me right now & I should be concentratin' on my essay.fuck school really.
I feel like doing those question things. askaskaskask.


I want to wear this


London I love you, but you´re bringin me down

some stuff I got in Londres.im back & miserable.cities always seem to do that to me. oh oh oh.I´m hopefully going back in may for Rands burger party;). more pictures soon.one more week of vacances. yesssssss.Camden is the place to be.smoking under the bridge <3.lovely


I´m in London.. yeaaah , I´ll update soon.wohoo.this is lame