I have a love/hate relationship with life

first two pictures YOUAREONLYOUNGONCE
Lately it's been too much. It's tough. I'm pretty weak, I think this world is gona eat me someday, well not the world, but people. yeah, people. people. funny shit. I realized that I smoke way too much when I'm down. but I smoke a lot when I'm happy too. pitiful, isnt it? I'm turnin 17 on the 19th. I dont really feel like it. I'm always down in the months of may/ june. schools tough too... well science. the rest is easy. but oh math, oh physics, oh chemistry... see uu bitches!


pictures taken from my holga camera. Film is cheap but developping costs shit load. what a fuckin pity. I'd like to take more. first two pictures taken at Paleo festival last summer & the 3rd is some building in geneva that I photographed while in ze car. see u bitches xx


via codyjune. lovely shittt. too bad it's getting warmer, no actually not. but I'll keep this in mind fo fall