the morning looks like shit


I try not to really think about it or look at your pictures, because when I do ,all I can think of is how unfair this really is.You know it´s really killing me.-The first picture is by Lina Scheynius.I could look at her pictures all day.I swear, there´s always something new to find.I really adore white tights.


This just makes me ill, your name is dripping from my pen Still you're not around to curse, I'll drop the gun now, I'm still under you...

I got tagged by the lovely *Rabenschwarz

I took this picture on my birthday I think, back in june on fete de la musique..yeaa good day except for the ending..haha. oh & only the polaroid effect made me like it, before it was just blahh.

5 addictions

1.Math,physics,chemistry,biology.err I´m trying to be sarcastic here.I hate those with all my heart
2.Raspberries with a tint of cigarette scent in the air & Vanilla scented chapstick
3.those moments where you forget where exactly you are ,who exactly you are & where everythings gone blurry & you don´t notice the things happening around you ,´cuz you´re so lost in thought over something quite stupid or intelligent.
4.moving quotes & happy/tragic endings

alrightpants. I tag rend,lu-yi,i love my marc,jessica


by lina scheynius.wow.I think I just died.



Second Sex secondsexsecondsex is coming here!!!!!!Wow. That sounds kind of wrong.I´m excited.It´s raining.I wish I were in London& I wish you were here.We could watch movies ´til 7 in the morning & eat cantadou on baguette..Chavs make me sad, they´re everywhere I look. They´re full of shit.So am I, I shouldn´t be ze one talking. Goodnight darliings.I want red ray bans.


I want this. I want you. I ask for too much& I don´t get nothin´.My dreams are way up there, and I´m way down here.I live on a cloud and reality doesn´t seem to hit me;it does when it´s too late & I regretregeretregret and smile.