Waltzing matilda whipped outher walletThesexyboy smiled in dismayShe took out four twenties cause she liked round figuresEverybodys a queen for a day


January:bought 60´s camera,holga arrived,rereading to kill a mockingbird+sherlock holmes,opa, fucked up science(ze usual), girl of the week on teenvogue,obamaobama,blue max ha, new converse, peach,mint, velvet,black,nude,grey, skiing,pipe:),cat power wonderwall on guitar,busabonement ha,losing my beloved ralph lauren sweater,no sight of caro, met new people,snow, real tears, real laughs, daydreaming, talking ´bout love on the bus,made moneii,not letting you walk all over me,dry lips,wonderwonder,part of me wanting to let you go/ze other part wanting you baaack, started sewing classes,inspiration,letting go of that grudge, but now it´s backkk, bob dylan ticketssz, skins<3,missing


But it's trapped on yer tongue and sealed in yer head And it bothers you badly when your layin' in bed And no matter how you try you just can't say it


Today the air smelled like spring, I want it backkk.
Babybaby come baaack.
If I were to throw a party, these lovelies would play
  • Dose A- Late Of The Pier
  • Bathroom Gurgle(beatbox remix)- Late Of The Pier
  • Random Firl- Late Of The Pier
  • Shake a Fist- Hot ChipI
I´ve got a new blog.
Yaw.me like.I like haiwr in my face, mayhaps you´ve noticed. It gives me a rush.Tutuuuw



 fur(faux),found it.shirt,london.shorts,vintage.

It´s raining.Me likey zat pink in ze background.
Izzz finally friday & I´ve finally got a fake id. sortof.uhuuhhu



" The right words were always hard to find , when all our time was   fine, when darling you were mine. all mine. " 

I feel alive again.time is a strange thing.time,timing..ahh it´s all the same;same bullocks all over.I found orange lipstick, only it´s not really orange on ze lips,mh more like peach.prettypretty.
i like that feeling, the one where your eyes do this dance, and you open them wider in disbelief but it continues. uhhhwwwww 
I want boots like zat.zutzutzutzutzut.I´m tired zzzzz



it´s too cold for my taste, although my hair doesn´t get pooofy. good.i´m starting to hate school.im learning wonderwall on guitar, ze cat power version <3
I was girl of the week on teen vogue-I almost fell of my couch.
i must go. tutu




Predominant feeling for 2009? Madness, though I can feel some melancholy coming on First Time 2008? Realizing certain things 2008 didn't do? No real love(r) in sight City of the Year? London, Paris Alcohol excesses? Nahh Hair longer or shorter? Longg Short-sighted or far-sighted? Short Hospital visits? Nah.Only for Lisa Love? Maybe .damnboy Drink of the year? red bull/sex on the beach/ champagne Food of the year?Creamy Lindt chocolate with filling/ Tomato sauce Most called person?Lisa The best time spent with you? Lisa&Julia Movie of the Year? I´m not there (07) Song of the Year? fight the start-the kilians/indie rokkers-MGM /wonderwall-cat power Album of the year?Only by the Night-Kings of Leon:so many though Book of the Year? perks of being wallflower/slam Concert of the year 2009? I gotta say, this tiny concert back in march TV Series of the year? Gossip Girl/Skins Recognizing this year? We have forever, but you know that's not so much time; don't look back;I must learn to love the fool in me Things which I would have to renounce? damn shyness; believing your lies,your letdown Loveliest event? Smoking on Lisas roof with full moon eyeing us,not sleeping whole night,
skipping school 2008 in words?Lovely; Heartbreaker; biggest letdown at the far end


Who wants flowers when you´re dead ? Nobody.

 I think those sunnies are fabulous & I still don´t own those damn vans; they break my heart.I like velvet. Ed Westwick is a sex god.
There´s something sososo tragic about Edie Sedgwick, I just watched Factory Girl again.I feel like crying. Goodbye