started school on monday...no fun. goddd. wana go to london & new york fashion weeek



melt disposable camera pics. I'm packing, no fuuun. Off to spain tomorrow:):). sand,sun,beach,ocean,cigarettes,tan,barcelona,begur,ice cream,pictures... see you! xoxo


good stuff.. if you understand german that is...


melt through the eyes of a holga

memoirs of pantha du prince. flannels eying melt. long liveth the melt. panda at the futureheads.
titles of ze photographs mhhh so if you've never been there you def should. I know I am goin baaack.anyhow those 4 pictures are all I got from my colored film.. 4, what a pity.my holga doesnt seem to like me that much. i always get only 4.. but I still have a black&white film to develop. quickcam pictures up sooon. leavin to barcelona on the 14th.. excited!