103 followers! Thank you!! Vienna is so beautiful.. a bit like Berlin! Good times over there..More pictures up soon. School starts tomorrow... Vie de merde! xoxo


winter winds come creepin

satin blouse,zara.shorts,levis.
I want my blackberry back :(, been living without Napoleon for about 5 months now. I'm 17 & aware of the fact that I reaaaaally don't need one, but they're classylovelybeautiful.ahhhhhh. I think I'm gona spend the rest of my teenage years with a crap phone though, cuz my razr,prada,2payphones& my blackberry either got stolen or lost. haaa my dads had enough which I understand so I'll live happily ever after with my simple handydandy black nokia. Off to Vienna on Monday. YES xoxo


my fake plastic love

levis jeanjacket;vintage body worn as dress;random shop boots

new boots.first pic from paleo festival,I think klaxons were playing...good times!it's getting cold,fall has arrived.. I was looking forward to fall during summer..now not so much-one more week til vacation.YES