Sway.com is a website where the member is the fashion buyer and designer! Sway members will be able to vote on a look and critique it. The look with the most votes will then get produced using only the highest quality materials by Sway. All clothing will bear a fresh SWAY label! Then the pieces will be sold to our members for 24-hours at wholesale price. After the 24-hour “flash sale”, the pieces will then be sold at full retail price for non-members.

Sounds cool, no? Check it out here! It's def. worth the click


You don’t miss him, you miss the memories.

some old scans I found while deletin old files. all pictures by jalouse magazine


good ol' Neue Deutsche Welle. listen to this after havin a couple of glasses of wine hahaha :)


Do these dreams have any meaning?

vintage blazer&lace body.levis shorts.h&m wedges.chanel bag

Fuck feeling inadequate. Fuck laying in bed thinking about everything you’re not doing. Fuck feeling like time is running out. Fuck self image. Fuck his perfect face. Fuck your unwashed hair. Fuck not trying hard enough. Fuck the internet. Fuck colds. Fuck being alone. Fuck loneliness. Fuck having to do it all over again tomorrow. Fuck youth. This isn’t youth. This isn’t freedom and weightlessness. Fuck not feeling young. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck this. brokenmachine

I understand now.. good god.


I'll forgive and forget

Hello, hello. I have a theatre performance tomorrow... wish mee luck. I hate school, I do. I don't care about chemistry.. or physics. I'm kinda hopeless, part of me wants to fuckkk it up & see what fate will bring, but the true nerd in meee tells me not to. I worry bout the faults of fate & love. Seee yaa xxx


lifes tragic

one thing you can't hide is when your crippled inside, you wear a mask and paint your face