I think having a human beings body heat breathing & a living heart beat next to you, is possibly the most exciting thing.really


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I´ve been busy with stupid things, like school & other crap that is not worth mentioning because it is just so crap, you know what I´m saying?some parties.funfunfun.It´s funny how things change.Very strange, but not in a crap way.Yesyesyes I´m talking crap because I only have crap on my mind my darlings.Excusez moiii.I´ll try to update more often with less crap.Crap is my new thing, it´s rather annoying.

Word of the day/week/mind: crap.


when will we meet

I like unicorns & I´m veryvery lazy.
1st pic mine; ren rox , the other 2 I dunnoo


Fucking hell.I´m going to London soon :) :). I can not wait, but before zattt I might do this internship at a model agency in Lausanne oh & a lot of exams.grrrr. Cross your fingers yooo, I need it. I want that bustier and I STILL dont own those vans. Very sad indeed, school is crap.I don´t give a hoot about science why can´t anybody understand and why does it have to count so much AHHHH.


1st pic, jalouse mag.scan.skirt,h&m