The little cat is dead, it was so cute.

 I´m watching this crazy french movie right now. Fuck , it´s brilliant.
   ´Cést un petit chat domestique.´´
´ un road movie sur place´
catchy, catchy.
I´m going to PARIS next weeeeeeeeek.
 I can not waiiit!!!


Mimi hat gesagt…

Hey thanks a lot for stopping by.Yep I'm german.Your blog is great.Wanna exchange links?

P.S. I thought I'd better wright in english ☺

La Femme Chic hat gesagt…

I'm jealous. I would die if I went to Paris.

Bicycle Pirate hat gesagt…

oh wow, your blog is so cute, i love your shoes, and the fact you skate, i used to skate when i was younger, but i had to ban my self, too many trips to the emergency room!! you have great style.

peace & love
bicycle pirate

coco hat gesagt…

I haven't been to Paris in ages.

hat gesagt…

i'd love to trade links,
your style is amazing!
are you german? your english is spot on!

SICK. hat gesagt…

paris paris !
la petite canceause :}


Anna Shapiro hat gesagt…

Ya they are from AA.
And yay, i'll go add you right nw.

Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

i am ever so jealous!!

have an amazing amazing time, take loads of photos... and send a post card!!