J´ai mal aux cheveux

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Remember us at CVS,
looking like a hot hot mess
on a cold cold day,
and I met you at the ice cream stand-
whatever happened to us then?

Let´s smile, flash our teeth at one,two,10.
Screw us over.
We´re sick of empty foyers,
untold love;
boy don´t take my knickers off.

It´s not really finished. I like it though.
It snowed


Female Action Star hat gesagt…

love fake eyelashes... there the best thing since acrylic nails!!


Eira hat gesagt…

I dig that last photo.

Pippsa hat gesagt…

Love your blog dear. Love your style. So jealous that you live in Paris. :)

Anna Shapiro hat gesagt…

i like it as well!
Oh and you have awesome hair (and legs, since im moderatly obsessed with long skinny legs, haha)

luyi hat gesagt…

it's great it snowed.

i always love your photos.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love your blog!
You've got that "indie-grunge-hippie-mix-style" (That's how i'd call it xD) that i adore so much!

londonfashiongeek hat gesagt…

im like wow at those photos.

withasianstereotypes hat gesagt…

this outfit is dead on brilliant! I love your keychain I have one exactly like it in silver!

&hearts, withasianstereotypes

Andy hat gesagt…

I really like this outfit you look super cute even if you can not really see you.
new post on my blog, check it out!


Severn hat gesagt…

your hair rules.
muy jealous!

Anonym hat gesagt…

i love your little poem thingo. it should totally be lyrics to a song. i can picture someone singing it.

maybe when you become a groupie you can suggest it to the band? (then you can wear your fluffy skirt!)... Just a thought...