You Don´t Have To Say ´I Love You Too´

It´s been a while my precious tea bags.
What I´ve been doing. Ahh yes a lot and nothing.
Pariiiiiiiis was lovely, I´ll post pictures another time.
Halloween was ehm let´s call it relaxing.
Non let us be brutal. It was a complete bore.
The only fun part was shopping for the party , that´s why I am trapped in a grocery chariot in case you were wondering.

Dear Veronica has not not sent me the Halloween pictures
so I´ve got none to spare. Brillianto Musso.
But here´s what I wore
  • craiiizy leopard leggings
  • my pointy sex shoes
  • a BIIGG BUSHY moustache
  • looong fake lashes
  • et my aa leotard&skirt
Voila. Nothing tooo fancy pants, but I like it.
Below you see them leggings and shoes.
I adore <3

I´ve got 2 new obsessions, non 3.
ahhh zut make it 4.
  • Leopard priiint

ahh ouiii  I received kreativ blogger award from the lovely
 thankk uuuu :)!!!


Lee Jones hat gesagt…

those tights are so cool. you really have awesome style.

holly hat gesagt…

i love it!
the tights are amazing and the first pic ♥♥

JEYQ hat gesagt…

LOOOVVE that outfit. you look great!

Anonym hat gesagt…

ich mag das outfit.
und deine haare sind so toll. ich liebe verwuschelte haare.


Sugar Pop hat gesagt…
Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.
Sugar Pop hat gesagt…

I love your style! it's great.
It's very "lisaplace" but with an edge.
In other words, you're fantastic, and you're going on my blogroll as soon as possible.

ETL hat gesagt…

The tights are awesome-- I love leopard print, especially on shoes.
Haha I also love that you named the shopping cart a "shopping chariot"; it makes shopping much more exciting =D

♥ fashion chalet hat gesagt…

I love paris
your tights
and that shirt!

♥/ fashion chalet

Severn hat gesagt…

first photo is nice, did you take it?
and i'll take you up on your offer to exchange links :)

holly hat gesagt…

yup (:

Hannah Cheeto hat gesagt…

I love your outfit! And I like the first pic, too.

alex hannah hat gesagt…

i have that paris shirt too!
your blog is a lovely find too!
yes we should exchange links.
i'm 19, you?

Miss Urbanita hat gesagt…

Fantastic tights. Love your look!

Susanna-Cole hat gesagt…

Supre cute pictures, I really like your style! :) And thanks I'm glad you like my blog, and sure, I'd love to exchange links, I'll go add you to my blog roll! :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Crazy cool style.

ryan manning hat gesagt…

neutral facial expression

Elisabeth Muma hat gesagt…

love your blog, its alot of inspiration here! seriously DAMN cool

SHE KNOWS hat gesagt…

i love this!

ur blogg is so good!!

Goldswan hat gesagt…

On that picture, you look like Cory Kennedy ! It strikes me ! Sweet !