Baby, Baby, Baby, come back

Dahling dears,


I just ordered some fancy shazz at american apparel.
I can not waiiit!!!!!Oh Santa. You´re ze best.
owze headband is h&m. lurbelyy



Eira hat gesagt…

what font do you use?

Eira hat gesagt…

oh, thanks.
haha, yeah, stalking and reading about drugs are my biggest hobbies :D
i'm sixteen, you?

Pippsa hat gesagt…

It seems like H&M got the coolest stuff everywhere, besides from Norway. And btw, is it ok if I link your blogg? I love it!

Anonym hat gesagt…

i'm totally in love with your hairband, i have seen it a time ago, but i didn't want it in white, but it's looking sooo great on you.

H hat gesagt…

oh, thank you so much sweetheart! :*
I use polyvore! just google it and you will find it :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

ohh i love american apparel.

luyi hat gesagt…

cool photos, i'd say.

love your blog and thanks for stopping by!

Matt Rowley hat gesagt…

where is your face?? ahahh cool ;D!

Anonym hat gesagt…

your blog fascinates me =)
Have a great day!

Ylva Vader hat gesagt…

I love ordering stuff from Internet :((

And, thanks for comment anyways!

anywhere I lay my head hat gesagt…

Love the hairband! I wish I could buy it in Norway:((

Siska hat gesagt…

toll!schönen blog hast du da :)

Andy hat gesagt…

coolcool photos!
new post on my blog
check it out


D hat gesagt…

i cant wait to see what you got from santa!!!'

you look lovely my love!

armoire hat gesagt…

where are your white shoes from?
I'm searching so bad for something like that.