This just makes me ill, your name is dripping from my pen Still you're not around to curse, I'll drop the gun now, I'm still under you...

I got tagged by the lovely *Rabenschwarz

I took this picture on my birthday I think, back in june on fete de la musique..yeaa good day except for the ending..haha. oh & only the polaroid effect made me like it, before it was just blahh.

5 addictions

1.Math,physics,chemistry,biology.err I´m trying to be sarcastic here.I hate those with all my heart
2.Raspberries with a tint of cigarette scent in the air & Vanilla scented chapstick
3.those moments where you forget where exactly you are ,who exactly you are & where everythings gone blurry & you don´t notice the things happening around you ,´cuz you´re so lost in thought over something quite stupid or intelligent.
4.moving quotes & happy/tragic endings

alrightpants. I tag rend,lu-yi,i love my marc,jessica


Eira hat gesagt…

seriously, thanks for introducing me to lina scheynius, i'm addicted now!

KATLIN hat gesagt…

Whoa, at first I totally thought you were serious about liking all those sciences. And I feel like number 3 often. I mostly get lost in my own dreams/thoughts during class or someone is talking to me about something really boring or that I could care less about it. It's kinda a bad habit because then I don't hear what they say. Haha.

jessica hat gesagt…

thanks sweetie !
:] :]


Anonym hat gesagt…