wana go back
new favourite blog : Angelica
I've been wearing lots of flannels with headbands..summers almost here..almost..I was just thinking of warm nights on the beach.fuckkkkkkin hell. that thought iz killing me right now & I should be concentratin' on my essay.fuck school really.
I feel like doing those question things. askaskaskask.


Rand hat gesagt…

was lovely init?and chipssdancinggg
wavin at ppl!!
aaah x
sorry i had to go my dad came

Alexxander hat gesagt…

amaazing sophie!!! the pic are amazing!!!! ça va??


- Alexxander

Marina S. hat gesagt…

amazing pic. i love it


haylin hat gesagt…

hey, i fuckin love that blog you shared away, super!!!!

ps: i do not very got it,
i mean,
the" iz zat uu?"= is that you??
if yes, in which aspect?
u meant for the blog or what??

Anonym hat gesagt…

i love that skateboard picture!

thanks for your comment :) please visit my blog again... i just posted the coolest custom made necklace by leah sakellarides for macaroni club! not only that, but it's being GIVEN AWAY by the designer! the winner will be drawn on thursday, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment and/or sign up to follow the blog!

elle victoire hat gesagt…

super cute pictures :)

thank you for visiting!

jessica hat gesagt…

fuck school i agree :)
but yay for the headbands and flannels and summmmerrr .