old. electrosanne was the shit <3


Andrea M. hat gesagt…

"tu pequeño blog es muy emocionante"
yes it is.

Rand hat gesagt…

helllooooooooo baby!omg i looked and remembered you saying"is it expensive?"to those guys when i felt like strangling you hahah lol
ya am here all year if you want to PLEASE come!!!!!!!!!!!!1
whats new?tell me
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loveyoumydear

Alexxander hat gesagt…

hi Sophie!!!!!!!! ça va?

j'ai començé mon premier anné dans l'université de Barcelona, en histoire de l'art! I'm happy!!

loveeeeeee!! Berlin is cool! I wanna go!!
my trip to Paris was amazing!!!!! and you?? hahhaha

- Alexxander.

Flora hat gesagt…

lovely photos. what camera did you use?

BALKAN COUTURE hat gesagt…

find deinen blog toll =)