Do these dreams have any meaning?

vintage blazer&lace body.levis shorts.h&m wedges.chanel bag

Fuck feeling inadequate. Fuck laying in bed thinking about everything you’re not doing. Fuck feeling like time is running out. Fuck self image. Fuck his perfect face. Fuck your unwashed hair. Fuck not trying hard enough. Fuck the internet. Fuck colds. Fuck being alone. Fuck loneliness. Fuck having to do it all over again tomorrow. Fuck youth. This isn’t youth. This isn’t freedom and weightlessness. Fuck not feeling young. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck this. brokenmachine


Flora hat gesagt…

i love this outfit. and a chanel bag, you lucky!!
(yes it often feels this way xx)

june hat gesagt…

you re beautiful.

.AbSinthe. hat gesagt…

So beautiful girl & nice look!