I'll forgive and forget

Hello, hello. I have a theatre performance tomorrow... wish mee luck. I hate school, I do. I don't care about chemistry.. or physics. I'm kinda hopeless, part of me wants to fuckkk it up & see what fate will bring, but the true nerd in meee tells me not to. I worry bout the faults of fate & love. Seee yaa xxx


Marina hat gesagt…

LOVE this blog

F. hat gesagt…

these are great photos
&you're taking chem&physics...AT THE SAME TIME?!?
holy craps!
not long till school's out anyway though!!

oh&good luck on your performance!!

Flora hat gesagt…

i love these photos dear.
i hope physics and chemistry went alright, they're a nightmare and i'm so glad i don't have to do them anymore...xx