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daaarlings, excuse my absence, but the last weeks were full of exhausting school crap. Now we only have one more week to go. wootwoot. it's been a good year, yes it has.. learnt a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, experienced a lot.. blahblahhblub. two more years to go, then im freee as a bird. nawtttt. then all the real shit will start.. but oh fucking wellll .I turned 17 two weeks ago. we had a nice party, me & a good friend of mine. lots of fun :) indeed indeed. I'm goin to melt festival sooon. two weeks I think.. before zat to Hamburg. I'm so fuckin looking forward to summer vacation maaan. we're like the only freakin school in geneva that doesnt have holidays yet. ARHGHGH see yu around bitchess ♥♥♥


F. hat gesagt…

oi nice denim jacket
17? exciting!...well it's kind of a weird limbo year where you sit around going "fuck, why am i not 18 yet?!?!" but still fun!!
have fun at the festival!!&hamburg!!

Metanoia hat gesagt…

I love your outfit.