Today is blog day, this is my third post.
There´s nottin´to do... it´s rainy et grey and lame. Poo :(
I missed blogging those 3 weeks , it´s vair fun.
Yesterday I got these darling mint skinnys for only 15 swiss francs, which is like 9 euros!!
Very cheap. I love them, they´re all tight and nice. I really look forward to wearing them, with my chucks ,  loose grey tank and a headband. Voila. I like
I also got OREOS!!!!! I havent had them in forever! Gosh, I remember eating them for the first time 5 years ago in New York city. I was sitting on the hotel bed and watching That´s So Raven and mampfing them away. Good times. I was so amazed by the Disney Channel, I had lived in Germany before and Disneys like a pay channel there.. hahaha suckas


sugarcookie hat gesagt…

you should show a picture of you wearing those clothes then.

Richel hat gesagt…

you have such an eccentric and fun blog!

ooohmaureen hat gesagt…

thanks! i like your pic's! i'm from the netherlands and you? x

Lana hat gesagt…

Great color, looking forward to some outfitshots. And hello fellow Oreo lover!

Dream on hat gesagt…

lovely blog!

Eric Loves Cats hat gesagt…

Fo realsies my blog is fo realsies! Sometimes I just like to write a little... eccentrically? Hehehe... I ♥ cats!

☆natalie☆ hat gesagt…

Thanks for the comment! Your blog is really cool :D Mmmm, I love Oreos! I could eat a whole package of them myself if I really was hungry, hehe. And I love That's So Raven too! Haha (:

sabine hat gesagt…

Just send me that jeans. I love it.
And I like your blog

Victoria-H hat gesagt…

re: Oh thank you ver much.. you're blog was nice too :)

Caro hat gesagt…

Hi, sorry for the late answer :)

you go to the "edit html" menu, and scroll down to where it says:

body {
font:x-small Georgia Serif;
font-size/* */:/**/small;
font-size: /**/small;
text-align: center;

The bold text is what I've added myself :) I'm not that technical, but try to google background+html, and maybe you'll find a better explanation :)

ps. love your blog

Eric Loves Cats hat gesagt…

Sorry for getting back to you so late but my cats have really been keeping me busy. And sure you can put my blog in your roll! The more readers the merrier :D

ooohmaureen hat gesagt…

oh and i love oreo's (:

Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

oh, and link swap??

Gala Gonzalez hat gesagt…


Cocoladas hat gesagt…

Hi girl! Your blog is so cool too. I love your photos. I saw you re from Switzerland, nice country!

I´m so sorry about you can t understand my spanish, but I would take a long time to translate it into English. Anyway, you can watch my pictures!

I will remember this site.


holly hat gesagt…

mmmm oreos!
im in 9th, i feel old too 9th grade AH!
in from toronto canada :D

shamblebaby hat gesagt…


ich musste gerade sehr laut lachen,wie süss ist das denn