premier jour d´école

So basically the strangest thing happened. This one guy I met at camp on corsica.....
Well he´s in my class now. Freaky Freaky Freaky.
When I saw him at school I freaked out. It was so unexpected.
And all the 8th grade girls have a crush on him. hahaha hilarious. The 9th graders too I think.
Brabble Brabble. 
I hate geography and chemistry. 

my rosa shoes r too cool, non?


holly hat gesagt…

ur shoe=very cool *thumbs up
i love ur outfit, i cant quite figure out what to wear yet.
aha! the 'hot guy'.
what grade are you in this year (if you dont mind ne asking)
cute blog!
link swap?

Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

so funny about that boy, the world is such a small place.

and i ADORE those shoes, i have to say, i'm very jealous ;)

jip hat gesagt…

I love your outfit!
I wish I met someone from my vacation.. :)

Dream on hat gesagt…

lovely outfit!!

Caro hat gesagt…

the world is so small :)