Françoise, Your Laughter Is Still In My Ear

           shirt, H&M. skinnys ,?.bag, vintage. sunnies, Ray-Ban.

 Oh Oh Oh. I´m not feeling all giddy these days, or today.
 Boys confuse me , I failed my math exam (what a surrrprise), and I feel lonely.
     It couldn´t get any better.

  Listening to:
Genius Next Door- Regina Spektor
 poor little rich boy- Regina Spektor
 waiting for a war- Morning Benders
   damnit  Anna-   Morning Benders
 4th time around- Bob Dylan
 Ce Petit Couer- françoise hardy
These days- Niko.


Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

I'm so sorry to hear that life isn't fantastic right now... hopefully things will get better for you!!

on a brighter note: i adore this outfit!! Lovelylovelylovely

Caro hat gesagt…

ray ban looove :D <3

Lisa hat gesagt…

thanks for the comment love.

you're so sweet.
love your laid back style.


ps- i've always wanted to come to Switzerland. hopefully soon.

Miss V. hat gesagt…

HEY! We have the same H&M shirt! :D I bought mine last weekend. I'm loving your outfit, by the way, your Raybans are so cool. (I have Rayban reading glasses haha).

Thanks for the sweet comment. Life sucks, doesn't it? I'm glad someone else shares the same thoughts as me though- yes, we should be best mates! Don't let guys and Maths get you down, chin up and stay cool.

P.S. I'm at boarding school in England right now. And you're sooo going on my coolness list.

Bojana hat gesagt…

At least you lookin' good!


No but seriously, you look so cool. You really pull off that outfit, I love your attitude. Yay I'm linking yoooou

You already feel better now after all those compliments don't you? :P

ashleigh hat gesagt…

i failed my maths always and boys suck! but they're not all that matters :)

you look gorgeous though. i love the way you shoot your photos! so great :)

The Clothes Horse hat gesagt…

Loving the headband. Why are boys always so confusing?

SICK. hat gesagt…

cool outfit.
just had to get that out there.

all of the songs you posted are terrific.

stay in touch, love !

Eric Loves Cats hat gesagt…

your pictures are SO COOL! You should likeeee... definitely be a photographer someday!

comment me back sometime (:

SICK. hat gesagt…

i am all for a link exchange !
and for a leather jacket, i got mine (fake leather, by the way) at h&m ... they have a fair amount of cute ones for very reasonable prices. also maybe try forever 21 ? the last time i went it seemed they had a few.
that's if they have a forever21 where you live.
which they don't where i live. but i came upon the store during my travels.

anyyyyyways, long story short, thanks for the comment :]

holly hat gesagt…

tis true sharlo-sun.
just becareful cause if you just LEAVE them then you could just end up with white jeans. so make sure you get like a good balance or how ever the colour you desire

Gabrielle. hat gesagt…

thank you!
i love your blog, as well.
you remind me of a couple of my modern hippie frieds. haha.

btw- the headband & your hair look great together. not many ppl can pull of the "hippie" look, but you can!


meppen hat gesagt…

Thank you! You're blog is really lovely too and so are your photos, so i don't no why we shouldn't!
I'm from finland, but i write in swedish!