L´enfant terrible

               jacket,thrifted-shorts, tally weil-tank, american apparel

 I got this jacket a while ago. I love love love love it. It´s perfect. It was only 10 francs!! :) 
And fall arrived. Damn shit. As much as I love it I want my beachy wavy hair back. Grrrr
  I´m hungry- I´ll get some garlic bread now. And watch weeds.
        Any suggestions for this blog? 

Ohhhh, I don´t smoke. Not yet anyway. I have a tiny feeling that tells me I´ll be into them one day. Even though I vowed to never smoke...
But cigarettes , they´re so photogenic, it makes pictures instant cool, even though it´s really not. Anyone agree?

 I´m like dying of hunger , toodles lovers 

Ah ya I painted my knees with some paint. Ha


rachael hat gesagt…

these are cute!
i like your purse :)

Stompface hat gesagt…

you look so cool and grungy here!

love love love the grunge.
Love the bow too!

Elisabeth Moody hat gesagt…

i agree, although cigars are WAY better, cigerettes look better.
i am in love with you and your outfits.

rachael hat gesagt…

you've been tagged :)

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jip hat gesagt…

love the pictures
and what have you done to your knees? haha pretty cool.

Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

loveee the photos!!
and you are very right about photos with cigarettes
i do smoke, but only socially :)

p.s. have you drawn on your legs, or is it your tights or tattoos? either way, it is SO cool

choppyshades hat gesagt…

thanks for your lovely comment. i'm from norway. yay. not. lol

i love these pictures. you're smoking hot! haha.
tomorrow i wanna be just as grungy as you are!

Caro hat gesagt…

sometimes cigarettes can make you look cool or sophisticated - but also kind of sleazy and grey.

but great photos. :) what's the thing on your knees? are they painted, or is it the tights?

Hannah Cheeto hat gesagt…

You look so cool... like you should be at a party in New York or London. But yeah, I kind of agree about the cigarette thing... they're bad though!

shamblebaby hat gesagt…

VERY lovely pictures!


JEYQ hat gesagt…

your style is foul and disgusting and I LOVE IT!