Parfois j'aimerais mourir pour ne plus rien savoir

I´m so happy there´s nobody in my place instead of me. 

         Je ne t´aime plus mon amour
         Je ne t´aime plus tous les jours
         Je ne t´aime plus mon amour
         Je ne t´aime plus tous les jours.
It´s supposed to snow tomorrow. I´m not sure I´m ready for snow.
I like my collage.


Susanna-Cole hat gesagt…

That jacket is amazing, I love it with what you paired it with too, makes it even better! :)


Anna Shapiro hat gesagt…

Haha yes i also speak a good amount of german...

ah, i want to read one of your poems
theyre most likely amazing.

A Rose hat gesagt…


I LOVE your collage, I'm all about collages.
It's really cold where I live, too. And it will also probably snow soon. I'm ready!!!

Female Action Star hat gesagt…

Nice outfit!! It looks really good... YAH!!


Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

i adore your outfit, your collage... everything!!
mah goodnezz, dahrling - yew have fabultastic style

H hat gesagt…


jip hat gesagt…

Damn, your jacket is extremely lovely.
Everyday I think again; why are boys so.. weird..

Female Action Star hat gesagt…

Aren't they? I love that song!! But yeah I'm 19... how about u? haha im guessin I should put alittle bit more about me up on my blog sometime now that I have some readers... I definitely will do that

Eira hat gesagt…

Take this as a compliment; you remind me of Cory Kennedy. I mean it in a very good way. And you blog is so cool!

Melissa hat gesagt…

I like your collage too...and I do remember your blog! I'd love to change links!

Stompface hat gesagt…

You are too cool for words.
Lovin the collage.

SHE KNOWS hat gesagt…

uare seriously so pretty! love your style


great blog!

D hat gesagt…

awwww you look so beatles go to paris chic,i love that colour of the jacket,it excites my brain

Kim Cuperus hat gesagt…

Your welcome :))
Thanks a lot!

I love your look here

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love that song, it's been a long time i heard it ...