And I was on a lot of shit too but what I saw, man, I tell you it was freaky, freaky

oslo in the summertime by Sharlo

I was tagged by the lurbbely Olivia.
I shall list 6 unimportant things zat I love.

1. Raspberries.Raspberry Cake.Raspberry Yogurt
2. Lame jokes (mine especially. haha& dinos)
3. Having late night talks about our future crap life 
4. Eating cantadou on baguette with orange juice avec Lisa at 4am in    the morning
5. Making up swearwords {Dummhirn(:}
6. Having conversations&constant debates with myself
7. Spacing out
zats 7.Im a troublemaker.ohwell


D hat gesagt…

ohhh thank yah for tagging me,i love all of those pics,in particular the tree photo if you dont mind can i actually put that in my inspirational folder?

your leggings look awesome,the shoes to match are great,and the brown tassels are a nice touch on your bag.

luyi hat gesagt…

i love the collage pic and pictures you take.

juancocco hat gesagt…

i love it!

Krystal hat gesagt…

LOVE your blog x

A. hat gesagt…

I could say the same thing. It's really nice, in particular your pics.

Rebecca hat gesagt…

i love how real your blog is x

Anonym hat gesagt…

cool photos.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst hat gesagt…

Thanks for the tag.
Have passed it on.

Eira hat gesagt…

oh, thanks for the tag!