It´s almost 4am. I´m sleepy.eating lindt chocolate.listening to regina spektor.my tummy is cold.santa is zere soon.I still don´t have all ze presents.typical.every year it´s the same.I´ll never change.got a lovely striped sweater at h&m.wuhuhu.im into mint right now. minty minty minty minty kinky kinky kinky kitty kitty kittie.
ok vraiment.time to sleep.my room iz a mess.i like.i wonder watz gona happen next year.oh mon dieu


Dee hat gesagt…

I have a reply for you on my blog! ( Try www.glocals.com )

Rand hat gesagt…

ooh love the striped shirt(L)

Ylva Vader hat gesagt…

I totally love the "I know I know I know" tshirt. Wheres it from?

iblamecoco hat gesagt…

oh i love regina spektor.
samson and december are awesome.

Andy hat gesagt…

i love the simplicity of this !
new post on my blog
check it out :)
happy holidays-christmas


pangea hat gesagt…

i just wanted to tell have a bless chirstmas and new years