me likelikelikelike the catcher in the rye <3.
i love making lists.my notebooks r filled with them.
ze outfit is rather simple, but zats what I´m going for right nowww
OWWWZUUUTTTT 08 iz over soon :(. I´m not sure how I feel about it; I have problems letting things go sometimes.
ohvelll I´ll go watch will&grace now. Tutu dahlliings.
ahhh I´ll post santas schweet stuff nexxt time hoho


Eira hat gesagt…

did you make the drawing of the eiffel tower? it's amazing!

Eira hat gesagt…

you're so lucky to get the books of albion! I wanted it so bad, and I didn't get it.. but I'll order it soonsoon. Hmm, maybe I'll post the most exciting things I got for Christmas.. I think I only got boring stuff :P

Rabenschwarz hat gesagt…

hübsche zeichnung, hübsches outfit von deinen haaren möchte ich gar nicht erst reden, die mag ich sowieso. haha, achja, könntest du mich jetzt bitte, bitte umlinken?! danke :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

awesome outfit!!!

iblamecoco hat gesagt…

thanks for the comment dear!
yay for skinny long legs! :D

Matt Rowley hat gesagt…

lovely drawing!

Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

you may be a bit bonkers, but my lawrd, i do love you
and your clothes. OBVY.

D hat gesagt…

ahhhh,you draw some epicshit!

i love that outfit on you girl!
you watch will and grace too,that is one of my favorite shows,im dedicated to there reruns

Rand hat gesagt…

u know i love this look(L)
lovely sketch!

Anonym hat gesagt…

oh, thank you
that's so nice

Molly hat gesagt…

you look lovely, the black against the stripey white top gives a nice contrast

molly x

葛瑞塔.greta hat gesagt…

hey, happy new year!
ha ha ha ha....
do you have joining in countdown to 12 o'clock with your friends ?
new of the year now, i hope everybody in the new year will be that all is well!

Kim Cuperus hat gesagt…

Like your outfit :)))
Happy 2009!


Nico. hat gesagt…

Super cool
I love your blog, and I found it on Polyvore.
I was wondering if you would like to trade links??


Anonym hat gesagt…

cute outfit.

好文 hat gesagt…