Merry Christmas
terrence: so are you in his sleigh on xmas night?
sharlo: of course. we always get it on there.
terrence: so that´s why he is always screaming HOHOHO at night-but we never see you; you must be hiding somewhere close to the floor.naughty girl
sharlo:putaiiin. you figured it all out
terrence: you shattered all my nice xmas images by something obscene
sharlo: you must be destroyed. promise to not tell ze kiddies
you´ll ruin christmas
terrence:now zat I think of it, santa must be a monster to go on for the whole night.jeez

well now we all know.keep it a secret.dont tell ur petit siblings eh? i lurbb terrence


Rabenschwarz hat gesagt…

haha, great fur... übrigens, das ist mein neuer blog ;)

Rabenschwarz hat gesagt…

ahja, hätte ich doch fast vergessen...
merry christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hope you have a Merry Christmas as well!

Rand hat gesagt…

do u want to trade links?
am now following urs!
happy holidays+merry xmas

Anna Shapiro hat gesagt…

beautiful jacket.

gah your legs are tiny.
oh, and merry christmas :)

maisie #1 and #2 hat gesagt…

we like your blog :)
we put you in our blog roll. happy christmas! also, you have excellent taste in music.xo

Matt Rowley hat gesagt…

I love your coat!

Anonym hat gesagt…

haha. your coat is gorgeous.

Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

mien gott, i lovez yew
(dont worry!! i wont say a word to my little broski!!)
happy holidays! my gift to you:


Krystal hat gesagt…


ninja hat gesagt…

i love the cooooat <3