" The right words were always hard to find , when all our time was   fine, when darling you were mine. all mine. " 

I feel alive again.time is a strange thing.time,timing..ahh it´s all the same;same bullocks all over.I found orange lipstick, only it´s not really orange on ze lips,mh more like peach.prettypretty.
i like that feeling, the one where your eyes do this dance, and you open them wider in disbelief but it continues. uhhhwwwww 
I want boots like zat.zutzutzutzutzut.I´m tired zzzzz



Anonym hat gesagt…

Awww what a lovely quote. Where is it from?

Lauren hat gesagt…

I like your shirt. Your style is good stuff.

x x xla

Rand hat gesagt…


jessica hat gesagt…

yous a beauty ;]
& no, my photo wasn't a real polaroid, go to www.poladroid.net


F. hat gesagt…

i like your header...
also, i too love those studded boots

D hat gesagt…

peach lips,i want a freaking close up of it on you pronto!!!!