fur(faux),found it.shirt,london.shorts,vintage.

It´s raining.Me likey zat pink in ze background.
Izzz finally friday & I´ve finally got a fake id. sortof.uhuuhhu


Ylva Vader hat gesagt…

Love this, and the last outfit!
And especially the fur jacket :)

Lauren hat gesagt…

I love the jacket! And thanks for the cute comments babe.

x x x

Lauren hat gesagt…

OH and I added you to my list now!

x x x

Matt Rowley hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

i like the first picture the best. the lighting is really nice.

D hat gesagt…

those tights are killer!!!!! i think im gonna wear some of my moms under some of my ripped jeans!!! i have to take a chance!!

hey im back,this is my new blog


im adding you now

xx muah

Pippsa hat gesagt…

looking good sweetheart!

italian fashion holiday. hat gesagt…

your ripped leggings are perfection..

Irene hat gesagt…

Just found your blog but I have to say: your style is amazing!

Ylva Vader hat gesagt…

If you ment the song/band.. I'm not sure how I found them, don't remember (quite a long time ago). Anyways, it's a norwegian band, two guys. And their only CD so far is called "Datarock Datarock"
Amazing band, it's so cool. You should hear Princess, thats a good one.

Aless & Rocío hat gesagt…

I love your blog!! I will follow you!!
Thanks for the comment!!