I finally got a damn blazer  at  this vintage shop & that for 5 francs.I love it.The body is so fucking tiight, but it makes every stomach look niiiice; I loove loove it; I also got a slouchy Lacoste sweater for 8 francs. hahahaha  the world  has gone mad.


Sam hat gesagt…

I love your blog! Your style is pretty amazing!

♥ Sam (AKA ImaginaryNightLife)

jessica hat gesagt…

no waaaay !
amazing finds.

Emily hat gesagt…

awesome finds!!!

thank you for commenting :)


Flora hat gesagt…

amazing finds.and while this may be slightly irrelevant and a little random - i absolutely love your hangers..

CC hat gesagt…

That is gorgeous. Feel free to air-mail it to me any time soon. ;)


Flora hat gesagt…

i realised i should probably reply to you here if i intend you to ever read it so:

the bell jar, it's about a girl's breakdown in the 50s, it's often compared with the catcher in the rye. very autobiographical and very well written.

polaroids - oh, well that looks very genuine so well done :)
i live in the uk (sort of) where you used to be able to get the films for 10 quid in Boots, but not any more. i thnk polaroid has stopped making them... they can be absurdly overpriced though, yeah. in slovenia (where i also live, sort of haha) they're about 20 euros, its absolutely ridiculous.

Lilee hat gesagt…

lucky! great finds!