two weeeeeks of vacation:):).I'm going to catch up on my tv watching; right now I'm watching the new project runway season. I looove it + Logan is hot <3<3. haha. Any good shows you'd like to recommend? Next week I'm off to Zurich :)


Emily hat gesagt…

loooove the outfit!!


kelsea hat gesagt…

i love this :3
my sneaks look exactly like yours, haha!

and thanks for your really sweet comments/questions, i am going to make that q&a post i was talking about when i don't feel so lazy, haha.

take care!

Lola vee hat gesagt…

Love your leopard tights! I'm obsessed with everything leopard. I just won a topshop pair of ebay..
Your blog is awesome blog! I will be stalking it in the future.. ♥ love your style!