my fake plastic love

levis jeanjacket;vintage body worn as dress;random shop boots

new boots.first pic from paleo festival,I think klaxons were playing...good times!it's getting cold,fall has arrived.. I was looking forward to fall during summer..now not so much-one more week til vacation.YES


melodykura hat gesagt…

hi, nice blog, i love your style and fantastic photos, r very interesting, artistic and magical ;))
and...i'm jealous! i like klaxons so much!!!

anouk hat gesagt…

sehr gut!

stella*s hat gesagt…

danke für deinen kommentar!
den parka habe ich aus h&m
ich wohne LEIDER in eisenberg/pfalz

tolle bilder + klasse blog

Emmi hat gesagt…

hey,thank you!yes I'm german,I live in a very small city next to the dutch city nijmegen,and you're from the Switzerland?How do you know that it's german ;D lots of love ♥

Oh,and very cool pictures!!!love the denim jacket and the lace details!

Junè hat gesagt…