winter winds come creepin

satin blouse,zara.shorts,levis.
I want my blackberry back :(, been living without Napoleon for about 5 months now. I'm 17 & aware of the fact that I reaaaaally don't need one, but they're classylovelybeautiful.ahhhhhh. I think I'm gona spend the rest of my teenage years with a crap phone though, cuz my razr,prada,2payphones& my blackberry either got stolen or lost. haaa my dads had enough which I understand so I'll live happily ever after with my simple handydandy black nokia. Off to Vienna on Monday. YES xoxo


melodykura hat gesagt…

u need some inspiration, paint, paintbrush and good music ;)) and white t-shirt of course ;))
u've got great blog too i'm fall in love in photos on your blog- they're fantastic!!!

melodykura hat gesagt…

hey i'm 100 person who's following u ;)))))

CDG hat gesagt…

Wow you have some amazing style. Love it! These are some great pictures as well.
Oh and I am soooo jealous that you get to go to Vienna!

Panda hat gesagt…

YOUR TOTALLY HOT. I love your blog, man! Oh, and I know about the gay blog, its so annoying hahah. Well next time remember to click the second link :D Thanks for your lovely comment (as usual :P) I just did a new post with some photography, you might like it? Panda xo

Im following you now, btw. Oh, and I have a blackberry too. I rape it daily, text wise.

Junè hat gesagt…

du bist zu beneiden :D
i need a blackberry too.. aber ich muss wohl noch bis weihnachten warten ne... :D