Ponchino.Wo bist du bloss?

Hello lovers,
I´ve been lacking some fashion geist lately.
There is so much inspiration but I can´t seem to keep it inside of my head, and it takes me ages to get ready in the morning. I neeed new clothes. Gosh. I have so much already but it´s sadly not enough. That sounds really spoiled , but I need some new excitement.

On Sunday we saw some GORGEOUS indie boys at parc de bastien. My , my heart almost stopped beating. I hope to see them again sometime. (I´m praying actually) You don´t see that many boys like that here. Most have that sad disgusting ´styler style´. bah . gross
Or they dress really chic, which is nice but indie iz more my zing , if you know what I mean.

Ben&Jerrys Strawberry Cheesecake tastes like utter crap.


holly hat gesagt…

i know what you mean!
we barely have any indie boys here and my school ugh. theres like a few but there all older. Ovwell!

Nature Grafitti hat gesagt…

ahhh indie boysss
i go to an indie-hippie school, so there are plenty
but there is only one who i love <3
gahhhhh he has a girlfriend. damnnit!