Oh Valentine

I actually wanted to take different pictures but I forgot my camera at Veronicas yesterday
so I was stuck with photobooth. I like how they turned out though.
Lisa is sleeping over at my house today and we´ll go to this little festival and maybe to town laterrrrr on. (Although we´ll say that weé having a movieeee-night at Veros... naughty naughty ;) )
Let me meet a beautiful boy.



ooohmaureen hat gesagt…

thanks :) all your pic's are really cute and nice! x

getting-freaky hat gesagt…

I think your very funny!

holly hat gesagt…

oh please let me meet a beautiful boy too oh please!
thnx for the comment i love your pictures!

Elisabeth Moody hat gesagt…

mhh, i love it.
im obssed with my camara, i would fall over and die (i wouldn't go to heaven, though im am not a good girl)
my friends, have had to yank the camara out of my hand, a few times, but why not capture every moment and cool outfit.

swap links?

Hannah Cheeto hat gesagt…

Yeah, I'll add you!

I really like the way these photos came out... and I really like all your photos, actually.

Inês hat gesagt…

love your style!
yes, I'm from Portugal ; )

holly hat gesagt…

sounds like a good plan!
my mom wont let me order them online either and i cant find them in my size hopefully ill have some luck at the mall tomorrow

♥ fashion chalet hat gesagt…

Thanks for the comment!!<3

Nice blog. Let me know when you want to swap links? Thanks for asking. :)

rachael hat gesagt…

those photos are super cute
and yes, link swap for sure!

sugarcookie-tl hat gesagt…

i should check out your blog more often. love the pictures. good to see that you are doing fine.

A Black Tie Event hat gesagt…

I would love to exchange links. Your photos are so cool!

jip hat gesagt…

your pictures are really cool.
well yeahm let's go to london then. :P

Caro hat gesagt…

cool photoshoot!

yiqin; hat gesagt…

I love the effects in the photo! Awesome! Very fun & adorable.