Wastin´Our Youth On McDonalds Food

 last saturday.
lausanne. I got the most ahhhhh.mazing shoes. 60% off. Ha!
                       the window accident... haha. poor ferdinand

monday. parc de bastien

Past days have been crazy.
Especially Friday. Wow. Lisa and I skipped school. Haha. How rock´n´roll are we? Not one tiny bit I tell you. Anyhow , after hiding our schoolbags in my neighbours bush we were off to town.  We had breakfast at this chic little cafe. Uhhh pain au chocolat with hot chocolate. Mhmm ; Lunch at this cute little restaurant (pizza please) and due to our extreme sleepiness we had to take an early siesta in the h&m changing room.  Hahaha. So much fun!! We also saw so many gorgeous boys in town . Wowzie. This one indie boy at Zara waved at me. Erhm I almost fainted I can tell you that. Wow, I´m in awe. Uhhh stop thinking about him silly head.

I have vacation!! Uhuhuhuhu. Deux semaines. Wuw.
You can seeee my lovely John Varvatos shoesies in ze last picture, they look sort of crap there but they are utter perfection. I´ll post pics some other time. 

Owww. I have Uber now. My page looks like utter crap. I kind of dread working on it. Ahh, I want it to look niiice. Merde, is that too much to ask? It´s so button hard though. Zut Zut Zut.
I started skating again (skateboarding that izz). Ow I missed it. It´s so niice. I need a new board though, mine is a joke. Haha I was so embarrassed going  out with it. Naughty Skateboard.

Ahhh, wrote way too much. All this ramble. 
I´m officially broke. I only have some pennies and 5 euros. Wow. I´ve never been so poor, feels kind of cool. But it´s not. I want to buy so much crap. Ahhh. I NEED A JOB, and why isnt that damn babysitter woman in need of mee?? I feel unwanted.
Toodles lovers. 
( I wish I had one)


holly hat gesagt…

oo please pictures of the shoes!

Anonym hat gesagt…

danke für dein nettes kommentar. dein blog ist auch hübsch. ahbe dich gleich mal verlinkt. das haarband steht dir super.


shamblebaby hat gesagt…

e VERY cute.
i totally adore your hair and your style.

good girl :)

gonna link you.


ashleigh hat gesagt…

ohh no. poor ferdinand!

you look adorable.

is that a sale on converse!? i couldn't live without mine :)

Miss V. hat gesagt…

haha you naughty girl! but I'm planning on skiving too tomorrow, I have horrible wednesdays... love your outfit, as always! I love the headband :) awww an indie boy! hopefully you'll bump into him in town again! and yes, talking of finances, I need a job as well...